The increase of population, dense traffic, wildfires, and industrial “progress” has degraded Colorado’s air quality and it is about to reach unhealthy levels!

This situation was exposed last Wednesday July 29th, by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Regional Air Quality Council.

According to the Front Range Air Quality Forecast & Colorado Smoke Outlook, for Wednesday 29th: Ozone concentrations were expected to be in the Good to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups range during Wednesday and Thursday, due to abundant sunshine, light winds and a minimal amount of shower and thunderstorm activity.

Therefore, The CDPHE and the Regional Air Quality Council have issued an OZONE ACTION DAY ALERT at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 for the Front Range Urban Corridor from El Paso County north to Larimer and Weld counties, including the Denver-Boulder area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Greeley.

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Denver Between Most-Polluted Cities in US

The American Lung Association, stated last April 2015 that rising temperatures and drought in the West are creating ideal conditions for episodes of high pollution from tiny particulates.

Denver’s air deterioration, with increased ozone and soot, pushed the city from 26th to 13th among most-polluted cities in the nation. Los Angeles appeared in first place and New York City in number 11, just 2 positions above Denver.

This affects public health directly, especially those who have some sort of lung condition such as asthma and also people who spend long hours outdoors: Athletes, construction workers and farmers.

Extended exposure to tiny particulates — which can come from exhaust and ozone, an invisible substance in smog — can trigger breathing problems and raise residents’ risk of developing cancer.

According to officials, Denver currently does not violate federal health standards for fine particulate air pollution. But ozone levels remain out of compliance, and air experts regard the trend as troubling.

Seek Healthier Environments

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