Cold weather can be enjoyable too. In fact, is one of the most magical seasons for outdoor trips. Gear up and set out on a winter camping trip.

Tips for Your Winter Camping Adventure

Let’s face it. Winter will be here before we know it and for the lovers of the cold weather and the outdoors, there’s no better opportunity for an adventure than the season of snow. Winter camping is a must-do activity. Here are some five essential tips for you to consider if you’re you’re heading out on a winter camping trip.

1) Be Strategic When Choosing a Camping Spot

Your limitations and expectations should influence your decision when choosing a camping destination. Are you ok with extreme weather conditions or would you enjoy a more moderate climate the best?

2) Be Aware of the Weather

Checking the weather forecast should be the top priority when you’re about to go on a winter camping trip so you can be as prepared as you can be. But also, know that unexpected weather changes can happen.

Campfire in Colorado3) Learn How to Make a Fire

This is an essential survival tip. Before you head into the wilderness, learn and practice how to make a solid fire. Carry fire starters with you and bring plenty of wood. It might seem like you’re overestimating the cold, but really, there is no way to know until you’re there, so, you better be prepared. You might want to bring a sled, too, to carry the wood in case your car is parked far away.

4) Pack Comforting Food

Hearty meals are what you need for cold weather camping. This is not the time for watermelon and lemonade. This time you’ll need something more wholesome like stews and soups, and hot beverages that you enjoy like apple cider, hot chocolate and so on.

5) Cozy Up Before Bed

If you want to sleep comfortably in the cold outdoors, make sure you bring the right type of clothing and gear. A good sleeping bag for low temperatures and a sleeping pad, thermal pajamas and blankets can guarantee a good night sleep. Keeping your feet warm can also help your entire body stay at a nice warm temperature.

 Winter Camping in Colorado

‘Tis the season for magical camping trips. At Mile Hi Rafting, we’re prepared to help you plan your next winter adventure. Give us a call today to book a fantastic winter trip!

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