Fall brings the mesmerizing beauty landscapes painted with yellow, orange, green and red leaves. Go out there and experience it up close on an ATV!

Hop on an ATV to Watch the Seasons Change

Are you an outdoor lover looking for an adventure full of color this fall? You can experience the wonderful autumn colors up close by immersing yourself in nature atop an all-terrain vehicle.

Experience the beauty of fall on an ATV
Photography by Joshua Hardin/Colorado Life Magazine

ATV riding is one of the most popular ways to experience the beauty that this season brings. Sure, nature is beautiful all year long, but this season is special. Imagine blazing through the Rocky Mountain trails, cutting through the cool, fall breeze, witnessing how thousands of trees change their foliage and enjoying its breathtaking views. It’s certainly an experience you don’t want to pass up.

A Thrilling Experience in Colorado

An exhilarating trip is what you’ll get as we navigate through these untamed mountains. The Rocky Mountains provide an incredible experience that pairs the serenity of nature with the thrill of the trails. You can choose where you want to go depending on how rough of a ride you’re into. The deeper and higher into the mountains, the tougher the terrain will become.

Falls Best ATV Tours

This fall, Mile Hi Rafting has great ATV tours for you to choose from:

For the Thrill Seeker

This is a 2 hour ATV Tour to Silver Creek that includes remote overnight camping at the spot of your choice (in the meadow or above the Jo Reynolds mine site). Our guides will leave you there so you can explore on your own and come back in the morning to go on the second part of your trip.

For the Horseback Riding Lovers

Our ATV to Saddle tour will allow you to experience two distinct parts of the mountains as you go on a 1 hour ATV tour, and then 1 hour horseback ride. Get a feel of the old and the new as you go through the Colorado mountains.

Join us and experience the striking beauty of Colorado during this time of year. Book your next ATV tour today!

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