Keeping Your Body Fueled While Exploring the Outdoors

Often times, when headed on an outdoor trip, it’s easy to just grab packaged goods and stuff them into a backpack to snack on while you’re living your adventure. However, we all know food is fuel, and at a time like that, where you need the most energy possible, do you actually ever stop and put thought into the foods you’re putting in your backpack? Will they really keep your engine running while you’re exploring the outdoors?

Your body has basic needs that need to be fulfilled through nutrition, in order for it to perform certain activities. When you’re putting your body through a lot of strain, like when you go on a several-hour long hike, you need those nutrients, so you can keep going and keep yourself healthy.

The essentials are the 3 macronutrients:

Keeping Your Body Fueled While Exploring the Outdoors
When your body is properly fueled, you can conquer every adventure.

Carbs as a Primary Energy Source

When you need energy, the first thing your body goes to is carbs. There are simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs like refined sugars tend to spike up your blood sugar, meaning you’ll get a sudden burst of energy that will burn out quickly. For carbs, you want to make sure you stay with mostly complex carbs, like brown rice and sweet potatoes, which will release a steady stream of energy over a sustained amount of time.

Healthy Fat as a Secondary Source of Energy

When your body is all out of carbs, it will go look for fat to burn as energy. This doesn’t mean you need to load up on the fat, but you definitely do need to include it as part of your meals. Fat is necessary for optimal brain function.

Protein to Help You Recover

When you’re involved in activities that put a lot of stress on your muscles, you definitely want to make sure you’re eating enough protein, both to perform for the duration of your activity, and to allow the body to recover properly. In addition to the protein you consume during your regular meals, pack some protein powder to help supplement your intake.

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