When it comes to snow activities, there are many sports practiced by children and adults. As with other seasons and ambiances, there are those who like to take it to the extreme and risk it just a bit further. Snow is no exception to extreme sports, the list is actually quite long. Some sports are very popular like snowboarding, snow skiing and others that have also grown in popularity because of Winter Games. We’ll take a look at some really extreme winter sports!

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Best of Extreme Winter Sportssnowboard and other winter sports

1. Ice Diving: this is a sport that has been practiced for many years now. Professional divers need to prepare well and train themselves before going ice diving. Even though is dangerous to fall into ice water, with the correct equipment and appropriate wetsuit, diving under ice provides crystal clear visibility and a whole new world of marine life to enjoy.

2. Snow Kiting: Also known as kiteboarding, this sport is a combination of snowboarding and kitesurfing. Its popularity has been increasing as it’s an exciting sport that allows you to travel in any direction, both up or down slopes regardless of the wind direction. Professional kitesurfers also need to train and take safety courses too as this is a dangerous sport due to the high speeds reached and the strength needed to control the equipment.

3. Heli Skiing: to add some more excitement to regular skiing, there is heli skiing. As the words say it, you jump off a helicopter to start your skii run downhill. This sport is practiced in off-trail routes, where steep slopes and high alpine glaciers abound. Some places where this is practiced are: Alaska, Iceland, Nepal, Chile, Russia and New Zealand.

4. Snowcross: To include an extreme sport atop of a vehicle we have snowcross. It is motocross on snow. Snowmobiles are used to practice this sport, and there are many popular competitions. The races consist of tight turns, steep jumps, banked corners and obstacles. Throw in speeds of up to 60 mph, and you have a thrilling and exciting competition to watch.

5. Ice Surfing: It’s a combination of windsurfing and ice boating. This is the perfect sport for speed lovers, as you surf across ice on steel blades along with strong winds, surfers can reach speeds of 70 mph. Ice surfers need to watch out for thin ice, as a precaution.

6. Ice Climbing Rock climbers will climb anything, even ice! Considered one of the most dangerous extreme sports, ice climbing gives a an adrenaline rush that can’t be easily compared. Climbing up frozen waterfalls, ice slabs or rocks covered with frozen water up to 100 feet is one of the top extreme winter sports practiced in Switzerland, among other places.

7. Snow Kayaking: A sport that is not widely allowed by many ski resorts, snow kayaking requires a bumpy snowy slope, some momentum and a kayak, of course. Very similar to sledging, snow kayaking is somewhat of a challenging sport as the kayak is more difficult to handle than in water. But, once you’ve practised enough and add in some speed, the fun begins! There are competitions that include bumps, turns and obstacles, too.

Mile Hi UTV winter fun8. Ski Biking: exactly what it sounds like, riding a bike on snow. Of course, you need to equip your bike with some pretty big tires or use a bike that has skis instead of wheels. It is considered one of the easiest extreme sports. When using a ski equipped bike, you just need to sit and wind down a mountain. There are many popular ski resorts that now include ski biking trails in their routes.

9. Shovel Racing: Believe it or not, this is a sport that has been practised for over 40 years now. It is believed that it started back in 1970, in New Mexico, when ski instructors would slide down the slope on a shovel once the lifts were closed. There was a brief pause on practising this sport as people were getting severely injured. After some strict rules were passed, the annual Shovel Racing World Championship has been hosted in Angel Fire,for the last 5 years.

10. Ice Swimming: Brrrrr!!! No thick wetsuit, no special equipment! Just jump into the ice cold water with your regular swim suit and there you have it! Ice swimming! This is a common sport practised in countries like Canada, UK, Finland, Belgium, Russia and China. Swimmers go into bodies of water that have a considerable frozen crust and swim in the winter. There are clubs for members that traditionally practice this sport, over generations.

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Snow provides one of the best scenarios to practice extreme sports. Are you up for the challenge?! Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions; and help you plan your perfect outdoor day! Colorado inhabitants love snow and to practice all kinds of winter sports! Come join us and make the most of this very cold winter!

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