At Mile Hi Rafting we love the wilderness, and we are always trying to protect our visitors as well as the wildlife. Therefore, we would like to share some basic tips of how to react when facing a wild animal.

Wrong place, Wrong time

Nature is incredible, wise and beautiful. We share the planet with so, so many living creatures that thinking that you will never meet a wild animal is kind of “selfish way of thinking”.

If you ever find yourself in front of a wild animal, you need to stay very calm and know how to react. Certain actions may cause a wild animal to charge or to run away.


Stay calm

Most wild animals big or small will not attack unless they feel threatened, have young with them, or they are injured/sick.

If confronted with a wild animal, it would be to your advantage to quietly and slowly backtrack down the path. Do not panic; the wild animal could misinterpret it as an offensive action and take on a defensive stance in self-defense.

Keep an eye on the animal or animals until you are safely away. The more distance there is between the animal and you, the better.

 Don’t Block its Path

Animals are smart and in most cases, they have a way to leave or escape the area. Never corner a wild animal. Otherwise, you will probably end up fighting it, and it could be to the death.

Avoid Contact

Use your common sense to avoid wild animal attacks. Never feed wild animals or provoke them. You can enjoy wildlife safely. If you like taking pictures, try using the zoom instead of getting way too close.

Enjoy Colorado’s Wildlife

Summer is a great season to enjoy Colorado’s wilderness, and Mile Hi Rafting offers Family_Dadsome of the best natural scenic views and thrilling outdoor adventures for the whole family, such as hiking, rafting or camping.

Come battle with us against Clear Creek and Arkansans River rapids. Tame the wild Rocky Mountains on top of your personal ATV and camp under the stars as you listen wildlife crawling around your tent.

Contact us today and book your customized personal trip. We are flexible and will gladly help you set up the best adventures for you and your family.

Be safe and enjoy the wilderness with Mile Hi Rafting.

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