Reasons to Go Camping This Fall

Did you know fall is the best season to camp? There are many reasons why this time of the year presents such a sweet spot for camping lovers. Here are some of the reasons why:

Celestial Sea Spectacle

This beautiful scenery refers to a water-centric constellation combo that accompanies the nights during fall, including Capricornus, the Sea-Goat; Aquarius, the Sea Monster; and Eridanus, the River, the Water Carrier; Pisces, the Fishes; Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish; Cetus.

Perfect Weather for Bonfires

Nothing better than the cool breezy weather of autumn to start and enjoy a bonfire, burn some marshmallows and eat delicious s’ mores. Sing, tell stories and share with family and friends over some hot cocoa.

Bug-free Nights

Another great reason to camp during the fall is that bugs will no longer present a problem. Although Colorado is not big on bugs, there are even fewer of them this time of year. So, you won’t come home itching and scratching nor need to worry about the annoying mosquito noises during the night.

Camping in Colorado

Colorful Scenes

Autumn has the most beautiful and colorful foliage of the year, not only to see but to photograph. Wherever you look yellow, red, and brown schemes of color surround your parameter.

Better Prices

Peak season at camping sites and national parks is usually summer, during kid’s school break. Which means that during the fall, most prices drop, and camping becomes more affordable.

Layering Up

Fall clothing is cozy, comfortable, and trendy, and easy! It’s not the time of year when heavy coats or jackets and a bunch of other accessories are needed to keep you warm. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to the weather depending on the time of the day. Plus, there is no longer any rain, which makes the adventure more comfortable to enjoy.

You Can Complement Your Camping Adventure

If you’re going on an adventure in Colorado, you might as well go big and add something else to it like a rafting or ATV trip. The bigger the adventure, the more fun you will have!


Are you in for a fall adventure?

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