Reasons to Hike This Fall

There are so many fun activities during the summer but as the season changes, so do options for adventure. This doesn’t mean it gets any less enjoyable. One of the best ways to enjoy the fall is by hitting the trails. Colorado has so much that needs seeing, and hiking offers an excellent opportunity to do so. Here are some of the reasons why fall hiking is a great idea.

Because It’s Fall

Honestly, there might be no better reason to go hiking this season other than the fact that it is fall. It is such a beautiful time of year that it’s worth going outdoors. The incredibly beautiful fall foliage, the crisp weather —is there even a reason to say no to hiking this season?

Great Reasons to Go Hiking This FallGood for Your Health

Taking time to explore and surround yourself by nature offers some great health benefits. Whether you decide to go on a gentle walk on a trail nearby or immerse yourself in a much more complicated hiking adventure, there are many benefits you can enjoy. Hiking is good for your body, as it encourages you to engage several muscle groups, gives your cardiovascular system a workout, and works on your balance. It is also a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind.

Less Crowded

Once summer is over, you will likely have the trails all to yourself. More room for you and your friends or family means you will have a better chance to enjoy every inch of the trail and every second of your adventure.

Temperature Is Great

Although cooler temperatures mean you’ll need to carry a jacket, they also make for less sweaty hikes. That not only helps you conserve some energy, it is also great if you’re taking your dog on the trail with you. Your fur friend will be safer and more comfortable, too.


Go ahead and plan a Colorado adventure. Are you ready to hit the trails this fall?

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