Planning a hiking trip this winter? Fuel up so you can start and finish that trail strong.

Nutrition to Keep You Strong During a Winter Hike

For the lovers of the outdoors, hiking is a wonderful way to stay active and in shape from January through December. Although, weather conditions change, a good hike is always challenging and enjoyable. Food is one of the factors that can make or break your adventure. If a nice hike is part of your winter plans, consider these tips before you plan your meals:

Be Aware of Proper Winter Nutrition

For the body, it is one thing to go on a hike when the temperatures are moderate, than when you go out there in the freezing cold. There’s a lot more effort involved in hiking in the winter which is why your body is likely to burn several thousand more calories than under milder weather conditions. Why? Well, your body works really hard just by trying to keep your internal heat at a temperature that’s ideal for survival. For you to get enough fuel for your body to work properly during winter hikes, make sure you pack enough to make for a 3500 to 5000 calorie intake a day. Also, make sure you stay properly hydrated throughout the entire trip.

Pack the Right Foods

Although it might be tempting to fill your backpack with cookies, candy bars and hot chocolate, you know that’s not the best way to go. Sugar can give you energy but it will certainly not give you the right amount of nutrients you need for such strenuous activity. The weather calls for hot meals or quick snacks. To stay warm and make things easy, here are some meal options for you to consider:

Nutrition to Keep You Strong During a Winter Hike
Oatmeal is a great winter breakfast option

Hot Breakfast

Porridge is a great option for the mornings as it will give you plenty of energy to kick off the day. Feel free to add dried fruit and nuts like walnuts or almonds to make it heartier and nutrient dense. Hot granola or muesli could work, too.

Frequent Snacks in Place for Lunch

To keep your body in check, it is best to make frequent stops to grab a snack instead of having one break dedicated for lunch. You can take some cheese sticks with you, and pair that with some crackers, peanut butter, dried fruit and chocolate.

Hearty Dinner

After a day of hiking in the cold, you need to get some carbs, good fats and protein in that body of yours. Dehydrated, freeze dried on pot meals, like some curry or maybe chilli, are a great on-the-go option for you.

A Colorado Winter Hike to Remember

If you’re looking for a great outdoor winter experience, come to Colorado. At Mile Hi Rafting, we can help you plan your next winter adventure. Give us a call today.

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