If you’re an off-road enthusiast, there’s some history and fun facts behind this little vehicle that can ignite the passion of those who own them and ride them everywhere.

ATV History

Although All-Terrain Vehicles haven’t been around for nearly as long as motorcycles have been, there’s still some interesting history worth knowing about.

  • These off-road vehicles first showed up in the 1960s. They originally had six wheels and, because of it, were referred to as amphibious six-wheelers. When they came out, they were “non-straddle,” and eventually, straddle-ridden ATVs were made available. At that point, they were called amphibious all-terrain vehicles (AATV).
  • ATVs went from having six wheels to three wheels to eventually having four wheels like they do today.

Today, the term “ATV” primarily defines four-wheel recreational or racing models and “UTV,” or Utility Terrain Vehicle, make up the four-wheel market for the workhorses on the farm or ranch.

Source: http://www.motosport.com

  • Brake lights were not originally required on these vehicles until 1998.
  • In the early 90s, people started realizing that ATVs were actually great work vehicles, and they started to show up on farms and such.
  • In Israel, they have a generic trademark for ATVs, as they refer to them as “Polaris” the same way that people in America say “Kleenex” when they refer to facial tissues, or “Chapstick” when they’re talking about lip balm.
  • There are Motocross and off-road racing events specifically for ATVs.

The Grand National Cross Country series began racing ATVs in 1980 and the ATV National Motocross Championship series started in 1985. ATVs also own a larger share of the market compared to dirt bikes.

Source: http://www.motosport.com

All-Terrain Vehicles

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