3 Fun Girls Weekend Getaways in Colorado

When it comes to girls trips, our brains often think of spa days, shopping sprees or wild weekends, and although there is nothing wrong with that, there are other fun things that you can try. Life is all about new experiences. Isn’t it?

Nature and adventure weekends are becoming more popular every day because we spend so much time connected that we’re eager to disconnect from our hectic lives. To spend time outdoors, you don’t need to do anything too extreme. You could have a chill weekend getaway with your girlfriends and keep it simple, yet super exciting. Here are some ideas for you.

Visit Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a great option when you want a little bit of everything. There’s nightlife, food tours, exhilarating outdoor adventures and places where you can pamper yourself for hours on end, so pack your cocktail dresses, hiking shoes, and bathing suits. This is a great place where you can do it all!

Girls Rafting TripTake a Rafting Tour Down Clear Creek or Arkansas River

For all those fearless, adventurous girls that love adrenaline rushes, a whitewater rafting trip is the perfect getaway option. Get your girls together for the ride of their life! No need to be an experienced rafter. There are different types of water for all experience levels. Just pack all the whitewater rafting essentials, take into account the safety tips and let the rafting guides do the rest. It’s super exciting and fun, a one-of-a-kind experience!

Enjoy a Starry Night

When you’re in the city, you can barely see a few stars at night. If you want to appreciate a full-blown starry sky, you have to immerse yourself in nature. A girls camping trip can be a fun way to bond with your girlfriends and experience the beauty of a bright, starry night. It’s a slumber party outdoors. Pack your camera —polaroids are welcome, too— fluffy pillows, and everything you need for s’ mores, and prepare for an unforgettable night.


If you’re planning a girl’s outdoor trip, the possibilities are endless. Where would you go?

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