Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with These Phone-Free Activities

It seems like today kids are so attached to their phones and gadgets that they’re missing out on life. Remember when you looked forward to summer because it meant endless adventures were coming? And if your summer was enjoyable, you couldn’t wait to tell your friends all about it when going back to school. Those were the days. Surely, you would want your kids to have those experiences that they can cherish forever. Since summer is on its way, why not start planning fun things to do with your kids that don’t involve WiFi?

Here are some fun summer activities that could help your kids forget all about their phones.

Have Them Be Your Sous Chefs

Getting creative in the kitchen with your kids is an enjoyable way to get them involved in something that doesn’t require a phone. You are the executive chef, and they can be your sous chefs. Start with something simple, like popsicles and no-bake treats; then you can eventually move toward something more ambitious. Who’s up for some homemade pizza?

Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with These Phone-Free ActivitiesLearn New Things Together

Most kids are usually involved in some extracurricular activity, but what if you enrolled in one with them?  Take an art class together or a photography summer course. Learning something new together can be an experience they will never forget.

Pick an Adventure

What if your kids were “in charge” for a day? Come up with a few options. Picnic or biking? Park or fishing? Allow them to pick and plan their own adventure and go with it. They’ll feel empowered and have a sense of ownership, and it’s more likely that they’ll be much more excited about it since they were in charge.

Camp Like the Pros

Backyard camping is fun, but there is nothing quite like camping in the great outdoors. Starry skies, stories to tell, s’ mores and all the surrounding nature can turn any average summer into a memorable one. And if you could combine camping with some other fun outdoor activity like ATV riding or whitewater rafting, their summer would be made —and yours, too. Plus, they would have some fantastic stories to tell their classmates when they go back to school.


Your kids probably haven’t had so much fun without their phones in their hands for a while. Make this a summer to remember. Mile Hi Rafting can help you customize an outdoor adventure everyone will love. This is phone-free fun that will leave them wanting more summers like this, just like back in the day.

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