Hiking is one of the most liberating and fun outdoor activities. Another plus is that everyone can do it. However, depending on the level of difficulty of your hiking destination, training might be required and essential to make it safely through it, while enjoying every minute of it.

5 Tips to Prepare for a Hike

Basic hikes don’t require much more than a good attitude and willingness to have fun outdoors, however, the tougher the hike, the more in shape you need to be, in order for it the be an enjoyable activity. Don’t worry. It’s not like you’ll need ten months of training before heading out. It’s more a matter of incorporating some healthy activities into your lifestyle that will support your hiking goals.

Improve your cardio

Get Some Cardio in

Regular cardiovascular activity is a must if you wish to constantly engage in outdoor activities like hiking. Performing 30 to 60 minutes of cardio that works the lower part of your body, from three to five times a week, will prepare your body for this type of activity.

Engage in Strength or Functional Training

Carrying heavy items, like a backpack, with you when hiking is not uncommon. This is one of the reasons why building strength is important. The idea is not to bulk up but to develop lean muscle to gain strength without being slowed down by the excess muscle weight. Choose exercises you like for all main muscle groups like legs, arms, shoulders, glutes, back, and chest. You can find tons of great and easy exercises online.

StretchingNever Forget to Stretch

As part of your training, stretching post workout is essential, but this should also be done after hiking to relax your muscles, prevent injuries and speed muscle recovery. Each stretch should be sustained for at least 30 seconds for it to be effective. You can also incorporate some foam rolling which should be done prior to stretching.

Fuel Up the Right Way

Nutrition is a big part of a good performance. Bad eating habits will make you feel slow, heavy and lethargic. Fueling up with the right foods makes a big difference when you hit the trails, but for it to be effective, good nutrition should be part of your life, not just something you do the night before you go on a hike. You want balanced, nutrient-dense nutrition, where veggies, lean proteins, fruits and healthy fats are the focal point.

Keep Your Next Challenge In Mind

Visualizing your next challenge is a powerful way to help you get ready for it. Not only will it keep you motivated to stay on track with your training and nutrition, it will also help you build confidence.

Hiking Near Clear Creek

How about some camping and hiking for your next outdoor adventure? At our Clear Creek facility, we offer tent camping for the lovers of the outdoor living experiences, in a place where you can admire the beauty of nature up close and explore the area while you go on a hike. You can combine this with our ATV tours to further enhance the adventure factor. Come visit us today at Mile Hi Rafting in Colorado.


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