Glamping and Camping Near Denver with Mile Hi Rafting!

Glamping, it’s a global trend on fire with indoor enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts married to indoor enthusiasts around the world! Do you respect the outdoors, but from a distance?   Glamping is your answer! It’s camping with glamour. Camping without the inconveniences typically associated with temporary outdoor living. Mile Hi offers camping excursions for all outdoor enthusiasts, but we also realize not everyone is an outdoor enthusiast, or married to an outdoor enthusiast. Come glamping. Mile Hi gives you insider tips and strategies on how to glamp like a pro!

Who Glamps?glamping

Glamping is perfect for girly girls (or guys) who really don’t like to be without indoor conveniences, but would like to experience the great outdoors to some extent. Or, perhaps, you lost a bet and you must camp. Maybe you are trying to impress a potential suitor but don’t want to let on that you really aren’t the ‘outdoors’ type yet. Glamping is basically a compromise. A nice compromise, because let’s face it, even campers enjoy a little luxury every now and then.

How To Add Glamour To Your Camping

  • Forget the beer, bring champagne!
  • Bring a table cloth. Everyone knows the fist rule to fine dining is eating on a clean, linen surface.
  • Purchase gourmet cheeses, fruit and crackers. Eat while watching the sunset and call them hors’ douerves.
  • Pack a blow up air mattress, accompanied with sheets, pillows and down comforters. Comfortable bedding will make your camping trip instantly luxurious.
  • Go out to dinner! Better yet, purchase dinner from Mile Hi Rafting’s Chuckwagon. When you glamp, you don’t have to do all the cooking, let someone else do it!
  • Bring candles to set the mood. Every glamping site needs mood lighting. For extra measure, bring a battery operated radio or CD player and put on the mood music.
  • Hire a guide. Mile Hi offers camping packages, which can easily be turned into glamping packages with the right gear!

Untitled image (2)Come Glamp with Mile Hi Rafting’s Camping Packages

You don’t need much to glamp, just a few extra necessities to pack and you’ve got a glamping site! Let Mile Hi Rafting do the hard work for you and take you to your camping spot, so all you have to worry about is what to pack! We have a variety of tent sites along Clear Creek as well as forested sites. With a large open fire pit, a river to enjoy, and white water rafting or ATV options, you will be set for your camping excursion! At Mile Hi Rafting we pride ourselves in being flexible on helping you customize any combination of options to create your own experience! As a family owned and operated company, we have the personality to make your vacation memorable, exciting and fun!  Call us today!

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