Another year goes by, and with it, experiences, lessons, good and bad of 2016. People like to think back, go through all that has occurred during the year, go over accomplishments, things that failed to happen as we wanted. And with that, a sense of nostalgia invades us, without forgetting that a new year is ahead of us. New year’s resolutions start popping up in our heads, with the hopes of having another chance to finally check things off the list. Let’s remember to include in our list important things such as spending more time with our loved ones, exercising and spending time outside in the fresh air of winter, being grateful and always lending a hand to those who need it.

Mile Hi Rafting Company, conveniently located  just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions; and help you plan your perfect outdoor day! Come join us!

New Year’s Eve traditions

To enjoy New Year’s Eve and, here are some traditional and superstitious customs:

1. Easting black-eyed peas and greens, like kale collards and chard are lucky foods for financial prosperity and good luck.

2. Don’t cry as you don’t want to bring unhappiness nor wash clothes, or even dishes, to shoo bad luck away.

3. Eat 12 grapes at each strike of midnight, this is a Spanish tradition that represents the month of each year ahead.

4. Take your empty bags and luggage for a walk around the block to travel a lot in the upcoming year!

5. And don’t forget to kiss at midnight! It will ensure affection through the upcoming year.

Spring tree with fresh leaves on a meadow at sunset


Mile Hi offers professionally guided ATV and UTV tours and camping excursions near Denver.  We provide all the gear for your adventures.  We have trips for any ability and adventure level!  Our pricing and location make it ideal for day trips and vacations.  Kids are always welcome on any of our trips!  We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience. Book your tour today!


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