In the presence of nature, we find ourselves more relaxed. Human beings are made to enjoy all the wonderful things that nature has to offer, not just be trapped by the clever things technology has created for us. There are real benefits to spending time outdoors, so here are a few reasons to forget about the city and go out and explore the wilderness.

Top Reasons Why Camping is Great for You

Camping could help you enjoy a longer and healthier life. Here’s why:

Why Camping is Good For You

Being Unplugged

Most of us spend most of our day with our eyes glued to a screen of some sort. Maybe it’s a computer, a cellphone, a tablet, or even all of those. Did you know that the excessive usage of those devices can lead to anxiety and poor sleep? The good news is you won’t find a power outlet in the middle of the woods, nor Wi-Fi, and most likely no phone signal either. You’ll be able to give your mind and body a break and just enjoy the beautiful things surrounding you.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The fact that you’re away from artificial light will help you catch some well-deserved Zs. Also, all of those outdoor activities will leave you exhausted, so you’ll most likely sleep better. The quality of your sleep affects your body processes. Resting properly can reduce inflammation and even improve your cardiovascular system.

Burn Calories While Camping

It’s a Good Workout

Camping involves a lot of physical activities like fishing, hiking, biking, and many others. You can burn up to 500 calories depending on the activity you decide to embark on. You’ll have a lot of fun, and it never hurts to burn a few calories while you’re at it.

Come Camp with Us in Colorado

If you decide to join us on our rafting trips or ATV or RZR tours, there’s something you should know. Camping can be added to any of our trips/tours for $5 per person, and children under 12 are free with adults. There is a refundable $200 “Leave no Trace and Tread Lightly” deposit. Book your trip and get out there! There’s a whole world waiting for you.

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