If you enjoy hiking and you have children, don’t feel like you have to put your favorite hobby on hold until they’re all grown up. Hiking is a great opportunity for you to share new and exciting adventures with your little ones.

Bring Your Children on Your Next Hiking Trip

What better way to bond with your family (including your kids) than spending some time outdoors? It’s fun, educational, and has the potential to turn into one, or many, of the most memorable family experiences.

Family Hikes in Colorado

Find the Purpose of the Trip

When you’re out in the wilderness in the company of your youngsters, the trip is no longer just about getting to a certain destination. The whole idea changes and it becomes more about exploring the trail, finding interesting things to talk more in-depth about like the animals around, the location, and the dos and don’ts of hiking. Share your knowledge with them. They will take it all in.

Changing Plans is OK

Just remember to be flexible and that your top priority is to have fun. This way, everyone wins and everyone’s happy. If that happens, you guarantee yourself a second, third, and who knows how many more amazing hiking trips.

Hiking with children

Let the Kids Take Over

You don’t have to give all the control to them, of course, but encourage them to make some decisions. They could pick the trail (ideally a short one), or the next rest stop. That will make them feel empowered.

Have fun with your children on a hiking trip

Dress Appropriately and Bring Everything You Need

If it’s cold outside, dress yourself and the kids in layers so you can take them on and off as needed during your trip. Bring plenty of snacks and fluids, give each kid their own to carry with them, and never forget your cell phone, GPS, and first aid kit.

The Best of Colorado

There are some great trails in Colorado and we happen to know them well. If you’d like to know more about those, too, just give us a call.



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