Mile Hi is a locally family owned and operated company in Clear Creek County, just 30 minutes from Denver.  Our family has been in the mountains for over 75 years and we are excited to share our experience with you!  Along with the mountainous adventures we provide on ATV’s, UTV‘s and rafting, we love sharing our knowledge of the history of Clear Creek County and the surrounding areas.  In today’s post we share with you the history of Denver!

ColoradoThe History of Denver

In 1858, the city of Denver was named after James W. Denver.  James W Denver was a politician, soldier, lawyer and actor, standing at over 6 feet tall, with a long and intriguing career.  He served in the California state government as legislator in the beginning of his career.  After he fought a duel against the editor of the state’s most prominent newspaper, shooting him dead at 40 paces, he lost his shot at the White House years later.  Although, it didn’t affect his career at the time, and he moved on to become territorial governor of Kansas.   The city of Denver was still apart of the Territory of Kansas at that time and wanted to curry his favor, so they named the city after him.  Denver had resigned a few weeks earlier, unbeknownst to Denver’s city officials.  However, when Denver visited the city named after him, no one showed up to greet him when his train arrived.  He was expecting celebrations which never occurred and left ‘mortified and humiliated’ by the neglect shown him.

Although Denver’s history may be awkward at best, the city has become a city known for fullness of life and adventure.  A city of sunshine and warmth, even on the coldest days, Denver will continue to bring adventure and fulfillment to all who visit or live here.  Mile Hi recognizes the adventure in Denver and provides all the activities an outdoor enthusiast needs!

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