This winter, consider these tips and take your dog on an adventure with you in the snow.

5 Tips for Safe Winter Hikes with Your Dog

If your dog is an adventurer, there’s no reason why you should leave him behind while you take advantage of all the winter activities. Going hiking with your dog in the snow can be an amazing winter adventure, for you and your fur friend, too. So, take these tips and start planning that winter hike.

Pick a Trail That’s Suitable for Dog Hikes

Before you decide to head out into the woods, assess the place you want to take your buddy to. Make sure it’s a dog friendly area. It will certainly be a challenge, but ensure it’s a challenge your dog can take. Consider the snow and weather conditions.

Go on a Test Run

Now that you know where you’re going. go try it out. It’s not a must but it is a recommended action just to make sure your fur friend is up for it, especially, if it’s the first time you go on a winter hike with your dog. Safety first!

Dress Up Your Pup in Winter Gear

Protect your dog with winter gear
Keep your pup warm while you explore

It’s not just because they look cute, winter gear is essential to keep your dog safe, mainly when your pup is not an actual winter dog. Protect their paws from the snow with winter booties, or at least keep checking them for winter ice balls, keep them warm with an insulated jackets or take a fleece blanket with your to cozy up with them on your rest stop. Make sure your dog is comfortable all the way through your hike.

Don’t Forget About Water and Snacks

Hydration is not just for hot weather. Winter hiking can be just as exhausting, so you must ensure your pup is well-hydrated and eats enough to replenish the energy being burned on the trail. If you notice your dog is starting to look exhausted, don’t push it and take a break. Allow enough time for Fido to recover and ideally,  walk back at a slow pace.

Go Off-Leash

This is one of the most rewarding things a dog can experience. To be set free and be surrounded by nature. However, before you decided to let your dog off the leash, make sure he’s prepared for it. Otherwise, it’s best to keep the leash on at all times.

If you love to explore, Colorado has great places for you and your furry best friend to take on. Home is cozy but there’s nothing like the great outdoors. Gear up and enjoy a Colorado hike this winter.

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