Pull out all the stops and plan an easy and delicious menu for your next family outing.

Camp Right with These Comforting Family Meals

When day-to-day life becomes too overwhelming, nature offers you a chance to relax and take time to recharge your batteries. Although, when you think about the fact that you and your family will have to survive off canned beans and crackers for a few days, suddenly staying home doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. What if you could actually prepare delicious food in the woods, miles away from home? Take note of these simple tips that will make that possible.

Design a Meal Plan

Not every at-home meal is super elaborate. Which are the recipes that you could easily execute outdoors? Choosing familiar meals will make everyone happy and make things easier on you. Then, think about snacks. You don’t want to forget those.

Camp Right with These Comforting Family MealsWrite Your Grocery List

A detailed list will make the packing and cooking tasks much simpler. Go for versatile ingredients like peanut butter that you can, pretty much, put on everything and is not perishable which is pretty convenient. Ground beef, or the ground protein of your choice, is a great option as you can use it in many different meals.

Pack What You’ll Need

You’ll need the right equipment to execute your delicious menu. If you’re trying to minimize your packing needs then plan your menu around certain gear. For example, go for recipes that can be made on a cast iron skillet. Then include your other essentials like wooden spoons, mixing bowls, zip-top bags, reusable cutlery, plates and cups. You get the idea.

Do Some Prep Work

Preparing things ahead of time will simplify things for you outdoors. This will allow you to enjoy the trip. Prep your veggies, pack your seasonings and separate your protein into plastic zip-up bags.

Run a Tidy Kitchen

Keeping things organized is essential for you not to lose your mind trying to find things when you’re camping. Keep a list of the items you’re carrying and the places you put them in and label your boxes or other containers so you can easily identify what’s in each.


A little planning, packing, and prepping will help you and your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors in a more comforting way. Having delicious meals outdoors will take your camping experience to the next level. Give us a call at Mile Hi Rafting and we’ll plan the perfect Colorado camping trip for you and your family.

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