I already feel my muscles burning and high dose of adrenaline running through my veins. I can even feel the splashing cold water on my face and this could only mean one thing… The Mile Hi Annual Citizens Clear Creek Challenge is right at the corner.

You are still in time to team up with your friends, book your space and dive into action in the Clear Creek River Annual Race. If you don’t have a guide yet, Now is the time to call Mile Hi Rafting and reserve one.

Whitewater enthusiast from all over the world, will gather up this next June 12th at the Clear Creek River to form part of the Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Race. You can also join us at Mile Hi Rafting and test your skills in the steep, narrow and technical Clear Creek River.

Be Part of the Race

Mile Hi Rafting ToursRegistration is pretty easy. All you need is to gather up your friends and neighbors and persuade them of being part of your team. Fill up your registration and you will be ready. You can find a registration link at the Mile Hi Rafting, home page.

Make sure to ask for a guide. As we get closer to the starting shot, the amount of teams registered rises, and fewer guides will be available. Remember you can’t race without a professional guide.

Teams are made up of 5 or 6 members per boat and for 30 bucks each; you get to paddle into the breathtaking, historic mining valley of Idaho Springs. The fee also includes delicious burgers and fries from our new Chuck Wagon. The adventure starts at 6pm.

Lead Your Team Next Year

If you are a frequent rafter, an adrenaline junky, or simply love the sport you can become a rafting guide and lead your team to victory in next year’s Annual Citizens Clear Creek River Challenge.

Mile Hi Rafting has proudly developed a rigorous guide-training program. Our program meets and exceeds the requirements of Colorado Statute 33-32-105.5 which provides for the minimum qualifications of professional river guide.

Our Guide Training program is ten days of actual training, usually with a day off sometime in the middle, on several rivers. Certification and getting a job are not guaranteed, but we often hire from our training classes, people who excel on and off the water. Space is limited. $500 per person.

Visit the Mile Hi Rafting website to find out more about the Annual Citizens Clear Creek Challenge and how to become a rafting guide and lead your team to victory. Contact us today, sign in and paddle into adventure with Mile Hi Rafting.

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