Going whitewater rafting with your family and friends is worthwhile. Still, like any other extreme sport, you need to be prepared and safe in the river in case of an unexpected situation. Today we want to write about some safety tips, so you have an enjoyable whitewater rafting adventure.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the River

Trust Your Guide

A certified whitewater rafting guide is an expert, and you should always listen to your guide and follow all of the recommendations. Also, give your guide all of the information you think is essential, like any medical condition, or if you are not a very good swimmer, so he can keep you safe during the tour.

Wear Protective Gear

Always wear a helmet and a life jacket. The safety helmet will protect your head against rocks and other elements in case you fall into the water, and the life jacket will allow you to float. These two elements are a must until your feet hit the ground at the end of the tour.

What to Do in Case You Fall

In a perfect scenario, you should stay in the raft during the trip. But falling out of the raft happens from time to time, and being prepared is always essential. In case you fall, grab the safety line on the outside of the raft, keep calm and wait until someone helps you back in.

Helping Someone Out of the Water

It is crucial to understand how to help others who fall into the water, as well as yourself. The best way to help someone get back into the raft is to throw the safety bag to them and pull them back into the raft. Also, if you can reach them with the paddle, you can help them safely to the raft.

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