How to Spot Bighorn Sheep in Colorado

Bighorn sheep are some of the most amazing creatures that grace the lands of Colorado, but they can be tricky to spot. Anyone who spends time outdoors is always eager to see one of these majestic animals —especially when on a white water rafting trip— but for that to happen, consider certain things.

Bighorn sheep on cliffKeep Your Eyes Open in the Morning and Afternoon

Lucky for us, bighorn sheep tend to be active at the same time as humans. During the morning and afternoon is when they’re out there, which makes them easier to spot when you’re on a whitewater trip. Around noon they are likely to step away for a while so it will be harder to locate them around that time of day. Lambs are born in May and June, so if you go on a rafting trip then, you are likely to see them in nursery groups.

Know Where to Find Them

Thanks to its fertile landscape and safe zones, bighorn sheep like to hang out around Browns Canyon National Monument, but during dawn and dusk, you may find them along the Arkansas River. Perfect for turning an early morning rafting trip into an overnight camping adventure.

Be Prepared for Some Action

How the male bighorn sheep prove to the females that they are worthy mates, is by being aggressive head-butters. So, don’t be scared. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear as their horns clash. 😲 Being the social animals that they are, you are likely to spot them in groups or near other bighorn sheep. Just sit back and enjoy the view.


Colorado is full of adventures, so if you’re looking for one, this is undoubtedly the place to be!

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