Great news for all anglers and fishing enthusiasts all over Colorado, due to impending work by the town to remove lake sediment at Green Mountain Falls Lake, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has announced an emergency fish salvage.

According to the CPW’s Southeast Senior Aquatic Biologist, Josh Nehring, “the potential for loss of all fish is the primary reason for authorizing a public fish salvage.” In his own words: “We would prefer these fish be put to good use, and for people to enjoy these wonderful trout at their dinner table.”

It is stated by the Parks and Wildlife Commission Regulation in chapter W-01,104.G: that emergency public salvages are authorized when substantial numbers of fish are found to be in imminent danger of being lost due to the volume and depth of water, water temperature and/or the oxygen content is such that fish cannot survive.

Therefore, the agency is encouraging all local anglers and tourists to come to Green Mountains Falls and take advantage of the fish salvage. The invitation couldn’t sound more appealing. Especially, if you read the following regulations applied on the lake.

  •  Bag and possession limits are suspended for Green Mountain Falls Lake only until this emergency public salvage is lifted.
  •  All legal fishing methods are allowed.

Taylor River, Colorado.Now, in order to be able to make the most of the public salvage you require a valid Colorado fishing license in accordance with state statutes. Also, take into consideration that salvage is only permitted during daylight hours and is permitted only at Green Mountain Falls Lake.

The Process

Notification of the salvage opening and closure will be made through press releases. However, it is estimated that it will begin on September 21st in its closure to be on around Oct. 5.

The town of Green Mountain Falls will attempt to remove fish from the lake beginning September 21st and will donate those fish to local anglers and those in need.

Once completed the sediment removal project, the reservoir is stated to be refilled, but fish will not be stocked any earlier than next spring. Nonetheless, if you are not able to take advantage of the salvage, there is no need to wait until next spring. Colorado is filled with excellent fishing spots.

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