Backpack, toasted marshmallows, campfire, counting falling stars… Rings a bell? That’s right! It’s camping time! June is the camping month and all 58 National Parks in the US are beckoning!

Leave the office behind, turn off the TV, grab your tent and family and enjoy nature’s magnificent beauty. Escaping to the outdoors for a couple of days is the best way of regaining your strength and recovering your peace of mind.

Picture yourself surrounded by nature, hiking, birding, bike ridding, whitewater rafting or fishing your lunch (Colorado license needed) during the day and relaxing, sitting around a campfire, singing songs, counting shooting stars, toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate by night.

You can make all this possible at Mile Hi Rafting. We offer a wide range of outdoor activities on our Clear Creek Facility. We offer tent camping for the person that wants a total mountain adventure, only minutes from Denver. We have a variety of tent sites along Clear Creek, as well as Forested sites.

NPS Photo by Kris Illenberger
NPS Photo by Kris Illenberger

There is a large open fire pit (County Permitted) to tell stories around, a river to enjoy, and possible sightings of wildlife in its natural habitat, so bring a camera. Nothing is more exciting than hearing the wind blow outside the tent while the nocturnal critters crawl around.

Camping can be added to any of our Trips/Tours for $5 per person, children under 12 are free with adults. The following are some of our most popular overnight trips, at Mile Hi Rafting.


Great overnight experience for kids! Choose your campsite, relax, enjoy the outdoor beauty, take a hike, or just hang around a campfire. The next morning get ready for the ‘Sure Shot’ rafting trip.


This is our Full Day Ultimo rafting trip and adds camping to it. The camping can be added to either the day before the ULTIMO or day of. Minimum 4 people. We can customize this trip!


This is a trip for the true thrill seeker. First take a 2 hour ATV Tour up to ‘Silver Creek’ a ghost town of 1884-1905. Select your camping spot either in the meadow or high above at the Jo Reynolds mine site. This adventure is very popular around full moons, so reserve your spot early, as space is limited to one party per night.

What to Wear?things for kids to do

To enjoy the most of this amazing adventure we suggest you to bring camp clothes (may be cold) and shoes; swimwear; personal toiletries; sunscreen; insect repellent (with Deet); hat; flashlight; sunglasses and a camera.

On all camping trips you provide your own tents and sleeping bags; however, with advance notice we can arrange rentals.

There will be snacks available and you are welcome to bring your own as well as adult beverages, no glass please.

Take advantage of the Camping Month this June. Be that adventurous kid again, camping on your parents’ garden, telling scary stories, recognizing celestial constellations or making up your own. Mile Hi Rafting can make it possible.  Call us today and book your camping trip.

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