As warmer weather arrives, not only do we get beautiful scenery, we also get uninvited guests: mosquitoes. Don’t let them ruin your time outdoors. Learn how to manage them and enjoy your adventure.

4 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Trip

Very few things are as annoying as the buzzing sound of mosquitoes and their insatiable need to bite you. When you’re outdoors trying to enjoy nature and you suddenly realize you’re surrounded by these bugs, everything kind of loses it’s magic and all you can think about is how to get rid of them. To everyone’s relief, there are ways to put mosquitoes in their place, so you can actually enjoy your trip.

4 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Trip
Don’t underestimate the benefits of bug spray

Apply Bug Spray

It might seem very basic but it’s worth it. Use the insect repellent that works best for you. DEET is a popular option as is Picaridin. If you’re headed to an area where the volume of insects is quite high, you might want to spray your clothes, too, for extra protection.

Consider Getting a Head Net

Ok, so head nets are not a great-looking accessory but they’re very useful when mosquitoes seem to be out of control. For it to work, you need to wear a hat under the net, so that the net drapes around you rather than sticking to your face. This is one piece of equipment that can really help you make the best out of your trip during mosquito season.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Neither bug spray nor the head net will do all the work. If you know you’re about to be in mosquito territory, you’ll have to protect your whole body by using the right clothes. Choose shirts with long sleeves and trade in your shorts for pants, ideally in lighter colors, as mosquitos have a harder time distinguishing them.

Set Up in Windy Places

Whether your setting up camp, stopping for a break or to eat something, pick a place where there are wind drafts. Wind is your best natural ally in keeping mosquitoes away. And while you’re looking for the best spot, make sure you keep your distance from standing water, as mosquitoes are likely to reproduce in that kind of environment.

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