This Colorado county is one of 64 others in the same state. Clear Creek County is a wonderful place full of historic value and tons of adventures.

Clear Creek County: Where History Meets Adventure

Located 20 miles west of Denver is where you’ll find this mountain treasure known as Clear Creek County. Idaho Springs is its largest city and Georgetown is the county seat. The communities of Silver Plume, Lawson, Dumont, Downieville, and Empire are part of this beautiful county.

History of Clear Creek CountyIn 1859, a man named George Andrew Jackson discovered gold in the area where Clear Creek County is today, and that’s how it was founded. Despite his attempts to keep the gold a secret, it wasn’t long until the first group of miners came in.

Clear Creek is one of seventeen original counties in the state of Colorado, and luckily, it is also one of three who kept their original boundaries intact. The county seat, on the other hand, did change over time. Georgetown was designated the seat in 1867, but before that, it was Idaho Springs.

The Perfect Spot for Outdoor Adventures

Besides being the “best-kept secret” in Colorado according to, this place is also one of the best places to reunite with nature. From hiking and biking in the amazing Colorado trails to white water rafting and camping, this place has it all and it doesn’t stop there. You can participate in a wide variety of events like the rodeos and the Annual 4th of July Parade.

Mile Hi Rafting is located just a few minutes away from Idaho Springs and we are ready to plan your next adventure, so let’s talk. Clear Creek is such a wonderful place that is practically begging to be explored. Plus, it’s got great dining and lodging options, too. If you’re looking for something to do after your trip, look no further because we’ve got some great options for you. Come enjoy this Colorado treasure.

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