Winds are changing. You can already feel the transition from summer to fall. It is like a sense of calm. I don’t know if it is because all the kids are back in school, and everybody is busy again, but fall gives me the sensation that everything is in slow motion…

Nonetheless, summer is not over, and there is plenty of sun and energy to take advantage of. We are still in time to enjoy exciting, refreshing and healthy outdoor activities, before the weather change.

Rivers Roaring

Relax for a second and listen carefully; you can hear it… Take away all the noise surrounding you… Listen… That’s right my friend. It is the Clear Creek and Arkansas Rivers defying you to come down and tame their rapids.

I know it sounds crazy, but Mile Hi Rafting is just 30 miles west of Denver. The perfect location and opportunity for you to escape from the suffocating city and paddle your stress away, on board a whitewater raft.

Both rivers show excellent water levels and conditions to enjoy all the thrill and excitement of this great adventure. Contact us today and we will help you set up your rafting trip. We have excellent tours for the whole family.

Stay Dry

Maybe whitewater rafting is not your thing, but you are still looking for a great adventure and make the most of summer’s last days. Well, allow us to tell you that there is no need to get wet to enjoy Colorado’s magnificent wilderness.

Come and navigate with Mile Hi Rafting on top of your ATV, on historic mining trails, through the scenic Rocky Mountains enjoying breathtaking vistas of the Continental Divide and Mt Evans.

There are many trails to choose from, offering something for every ability and thrill level. Previous experience is not required. You will start with safety and operational instruction on your ATV and then practice in our flat parking lot until familiar with your machine.

Stay Over the Night

Take advantage of our “Last Summer Days Offer” and add camping to any adventure of your choice. For just five bucks more you can spend the night under a blanket of shiny stars, around a nice camping fire, toasting marshmallows and enjoy all the nocturnal creatures.

All you have to do is to mention the website promotion to add camping to your trip at this discounted rate. Call and book your adventure today and enjoy with Mile Hi Rafting the last days of summer.

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