Leaving no trace after spending time outdoors should be a top priority for every outdoor lover. Let 2018 be the year you!

This Year, Make It a Point to Leave No Trace

Nature is kind enough to let us enjoy everything it has to offer. In return, we just need to take care of it so its benefits will last long enough for future generations to enjoy them, too. Understanding how to apply the seven principles of this outdoor conservation program is the key that will help you minimize your impact on nature:

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Before you head out into the great outdoors, study the area you’ll be in. Consider weather conditions, take necessary safety measures, be physically prepared for the challenge ahead, repackage food in your own containers and avoid visiting with large crowds.

Plan aheadTravel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Follow existing trails as much as possible to avoid damage to the land and set up your tent on areas where you won’t disturb vegetation or wildlife.

Dispose Waste Properly

Take the trash back home with you and dispose of it correctly. Make a checklist and make sure that everything you packed in, you pack out. Wash yourself away from lakes or streams and the same goes for washing clothes or dishes. Dig a 6 to 8 inch cathole to dispose human solid waste and cover it when finished.

Leave What You Find

Rule of thumb: if it belongs outdoors, it should stay outdoors. Avoid extracting plants, animals, things with historic value or anything else from nature and taking it back home.

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Campfires are not very nature-friendly. Try to use fire rings when available, keep fires small and build them from sticks that you found laying around. When you put out the fire, wait for it to cool and scatter the ashes.

Respect widlifeRespect Wildlife

Wildlife is there to be admired from afar. Don’t chase them around or feed them because it can be detrimental to their health. Avoid wildlife in times of mating, nesting or any other sensitive season.

Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Surely, you want your experience to be pleasurable and others want the same for theirs. It’s all about respecting each other’s experience so everyone can have a good time. Avoid being too loud, especially at nighttime, and always be courteous.

Recreation That Protects the Outdoors

Outdoor ethics do benefit us all. The more we take care of nature, the longer we’ll be able to enjoy it. At Mile Hi Rafting, we like to promote conservation of the outdoors which is why there is a refundable $200 “Leave No Trace” deposit when you add camping to any of our trips. Give us a call to book your adventure today and enjoy the outdoors while you take care of it.

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