Summer is indeed the best time for outdoor activities in Colorado. Whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, ATV tours, any leisure activity combined with perfect weather and the magnificent wilderness is the best recipe to heal your soul.

A couple of weeks ago, -in a recent post- we talked about how important and necessary it is, to be prepared before performing any outdoor activity. Even though nature is beautiful a wrong move can get you in trouble.

When hiking, rafting, camping or practicing any outdoor activity, precaution is essential, but accidents can occur at any moment and you need to know how to react. That is why the Mile Hi Rafting Family would like to share with you some survival tips.

How to Survive

All of a sudden you realize you are all alone and lost your trail in the woods. Don’t panic! Fear can more hazardous than any other thing out there. Scouts always recommend at the moment you find yourself lost in the woods, is to STOP!

Take a deep breath and follow the tenets of the acronym STOP:

S = sit down

T = think

O = observe your surroundings

P = prepare for survival by gathering materials

Symptoms of poisonous plant ingestion

Once you settle down, try to see if it’s possible to backtrack and retrace your steps to the last known path, but don’t waste much energy. If you can’t orient yourself, staying in the same place, not only increases your chances of being found, but also reduces the energy your body expends and the amount of water and food you will need.

However, you should explore a little bit in order to find a fresh water source and food. Lakes, streams, rivers and rainwater are excellent options.

You need to set a base camp, your point zero. So, before walking around, mark the place you are with pieces of cloth, rocks, paper, anything visible from a distance. Remember the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Build a fire with sufficient coals to stay hot for many hours and make sure that you have plenty of extra dry wood. Start the fire before you think you need it, even if the weather is warm; fires are easier to make under easy conditions than in a panic as the sun sets.

You need to find a place to rest, while also protecting yourself from the elements, such as wind and rain. If you are able to find a cave, then choose this as your first option of shelter. However, before entering the cave, make sure that animals do not occupy it.

If there are no available caves, then your next best option is to create a “Lean-To Shelter“. Find a large branch and lean one end onto a tree. Place smaller branches at 45 degree angles along the length of the large branch. Cover the entire structure with leaves and foliage.

Finally, stay calm and keep your survival kit close to you.

Survival gear such as matches, a knife, a mirror, a whistle, a compass and cord are not heavy at all and can make a huge difference, when facing a life or death situation in the wilderness.

Enjoy Nature in a Safe Environment

Mile Hi Rafting offers the best hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, ATV and UTV tours in Colorado. Our guides are qualified professionals that have first aid and CPR certification, a love of the outdoors and are dedicated to make your adventure tour fun and a memorable time.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience. Call Mile Hi Rafting and book your adventure today! We will work with you to create your dream vacation.

Can’t Get Enough?

Chilling water splashing all over you, your heart beat pounding faster than ever, your muscles burning, as you paddle against nature’s power! No wonder why they call us adrenaline junkies!

Got goose bumps? You are just in time to feel the real excitement and thrill of whitewater rafting. The Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge has been postponed, giving you more than enough time to team up with your friends and reserve a rafting guide for the race.

Instead of June 12th, the starting shot will be fired on July 10th. For more information visit the Mile Hi Rafting homepage or contact us today!


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