There’s something truly magical about a starry sky.

Check Out the Night Sky with These Tips

The mystery and beauty of the night sky cannot be denied. Regardless of where you’re located, there’s always something beautiful waiting to be seen. All you need is a few tips to make your stargazing experience the best it can be:

Check Out the Night Sky with These TipsThe Darker the Spot, the Better

Rule number one: stay away from city lights. Find a dark spot somewhere and layout to watch the stars. It truly makes a difference. City lights dim the light of the stars, so you want a dark place, away from all that glow, so you can watch the night sky come to life and enjoy the view better.

Mid-Altitude Locations are the Best

Some people think that being at the highest altitude makes it easier to see the stars, however, the atmosphere is so thin up there that our eyes get less oxygen, resulting in difficulty viewing the starry show. Mid-altitude provides the best conditions to stargaze.

Take Advantage of the Details

Since you’re already outside looking at the beautiful sky, you could dig a little deeper and admire everything by its name. Apps like Sky Guide will give you all the details about the stars, constellations and more, so you can learn from the night sky and admire it at the same time.

Pack What You Need

If you do decide to go to a place with higher altitude, or if you know it will get cold outside within a few hours, make sure you pack everything you need so nothing takes away from your stargazing trip. Pack blankets and warm clothes, a flashlight, and some snacks so you don’t miss a second of it.


Colorado has some of the most beautiful starry skies. If you’ve never experienced them, you must. Book your Mile Hi tour during the day and make it an all-nighter by adding camping to your favorite tour, and watch the stars right from your camping spot. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

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