Learn to Ride an ATV Like a Professional

It’s hard to resist the urge to explore the outdoors during the fall. It’s a wonderful time of year for an adventure, especially one that involves an ATV.

Making the most out of your ATV ride, it’s necessary to know how to maneuver the vehicle properly. Not only will it keep you safe, but it will also make you look like a total pro.

Manage Your Body Weight

When you’re riding an ATV, it’s important to lean and shift your weight in response to how the vehicle moves. That will keep it from flipping over or getting stuck somewhere, but you have to be consistent. You also want to hold on to the handlebars with both hands and keep two fingers on the clutch. You will need it for the toughest parts of your ride.

passenger atvSit Upright

Proper body position and posture are essential to ride safely, efficiently, and look like a professional while you’re at it. If your posture is correct, it will be much easier for you to operate the vehicle and react to sudden changes.

Keep Your Eyes on The Trail

Even if the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, don’t get distracted by it. Your eyes should be on the trail at all times. ATV trails have obstacles —usually rocks— that can be hazardous if they take you by surprise. A certain level of skill and technique is required to dodge them safely, so if you’re a beginner, go for less rocky trails.

Make Stops Along the Way

It’s not a race, so feel free to stop when you need to, whether you want to take a moment to snap some photos or recover some strength. After all, ATV riding can be pretty exhausting, and it’s ok to take a break to eat and drink something to refuel.

Be Mindful of What’s Around You

Remember, there may be animals or even other riders on the trail. Stay “on your lane,” yield if needed and be respectful of animals in the area.


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