Chuckwagon Suppers Available Now with Mile Hi Rafters

Mile Hi offers white water rafting, ATV tours and camping excursions just 30 miles from Denver. They have now added one more element of fun for your adventures- a chuckwagon! No need to pack a lunch or worry about food, we take care of it all! In honor of our new addition, let’s look at the history of chuckwagon’s, where they originated and why!

History of the Chuckwagonold chuckwagon

Everyone knows chuckwagon’s are as much a part of mid-west history as cattle and gold.   But, do we know why? Prior to the chuckwagon, cowboys relied on eating only what they carried in their saddle bags, which usually consisted of dried beef, corn fritters or biscuits. In 1866, cattleman Charles Goodnight, knew the importance of feeding his workhands. He knew that a cowboy could work harder, or in Mile Hi Rafting’s case play harder, if there was a full stomach. The trail rides would often last two or three months moving cattle miles each day. Mr Goodnight took an Army wagon made by Studebaker, added a Pantry box to the rear with a hinged door which laid flat to create a workspace. He hired a cook to come along on the trail rides and equipped the wagon with shelves and drawers to carry supplies, cooking gear and food. The term ‘Chuck’ derived from 17th Century England referred to meat merchants but by the 18th Century the term came to communicate a hearty meal. So, the ‘chuck’ wagon was invented.  Just as Mile Hi has noted the importance of a hearty meal in feeding our adventurers, the early cooks of the first chuckwagons held a more prestigious position than that of even the wranglers and cowboys! The cook gained the nickname of ‘Cookie’ and was second in charge to the trail boss, and received double the salary of the cowboys. The cook also carried the responsibility of dentist, barber, banker, doctor and sometimes camp referee to break up fights. Although Mile Hi doesn’t promise hair cuts or dental treatment, we can assure a hearty meal. Today, the chuck wagon may be a more novel way of feeding guests but it still brings a warm hearty feeling to any outdoor event or activity. When seeing one today, it evokes the feelings of the bygone era, bringing nostalgia along with a good hearty meal!

Experience Mile Hi Rafting’s Chuckwagon on Your Next Excursion!

Some of the hearty offerings on our food truck include hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, wraps, fries, and a variety of hot and cold drinks- all made to order! Our chuckwagon is open daily during rafting season.

Chuckwagon Menu

Burgers with Chips $5.00

Wraps with Chips    $5.00

Hot Dog                      $2.00

Brats                           $3.00

Fries                            $2.75

Soda/ Water              $1.00

Coffee/ Cider             $1.00

Hot Chocolate             $ .75

Come See Us at Mile Hi For Next Adventure!

Fun Rafting TripMile Hi Rafting is convenient and its location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations.   We offer child and group discounts, and some of the hottest deals on the river. We meet any Licensed and Permitted Colorado Outfitters’ Prices on same trip same river and match special pricing as well! Come see us for your next adventure and sample our Chuckwagon meals!

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