Mile Hi Presents the Greatest Sand Dunes of Colorado!

When one thinks of Colorado, the Rockies grandeur generally comes to mind.  However, did you know that the tallest sand dunes in North America are located in Colorado?    In the San Luis Valley, along the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range lie 30 square miles of the Great Sand Dune National Park.  With 750 foot sand dunes, these provide the ultimate adventure.  Mile Hi loves adventure, with ATV tours, UTV tours and white water rafting tours, we create adventures professionally.  This week we present to you the Great Sand Dunes National Park as one of the 7 outdoor wonders of Colorado.

Great Sand Dunes parkThe Great Sand Dunes

The sand dunes located about four hours from Denver are the product of wind and rain eroding the San Juan and Sangre de Crist Mountain range.  The winds from both ranges blow across this valley, and as the wind carries the sand into the valley, it is dropped over the dunes as the wind has to lighten its load in order to clear the mountains which creates the swelling dunes of sand we see today.

Sand Skiing

That’s right, skiing in 115 degrees on sand dunes.  Only in Colorado!   With the right conditions and gear, sand boarding, sand skiing, and sand sledding are all part of the fun at the Sand Dune National Park.  You will want to plan your activities in morning or evening during summer hours, as the sand temperatures rise to 150 degrees.  Sandboarding, sledding and skiing are allowed anywhere on the sand dunes away from vegetated areas.  It is a .7 mile hike to get to the slopes from the parking lot.  The top of the large dune is 1.25 miles.  If you have a high clearance vehicle, you may drive on Medano Pass Primitive Road to the Castle Creek Picnic area, where you will find a 300 foot tall slope directly across from parking area.

Colorado Sand Dunes National Park

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