Denver Museum of Nature and Science: ANSCHUTZ FAMILY SKY TERRACE

If you live in Denver, or if you are visiting, you need to know the sunsets in Denver are stunning pieces of nature’s art.  Mile Hi Rafting Company loves Colorado and all it has to offer. Through our ATV and UTV tours, camping excursions and white water rafting in season, we love the adventure and beauty Colorado brings.  Today we give you the top 3 places in Denver to fully appreciate the beauty Colorado has to offer every evening in daily Rocky Mountain sunsets.  Watch one this week!

Anschutz Family Sky Terrace

The perfect Rocky Mountain backdrop for the Denver skyline. Anschutz Sky Terrace overlooks City Park and is the ideal way to spend your evening. Located inside the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, many visitors miss out on this hidden gem. Arguably one of the most scenic spots in Denver to see the setting sun, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the city at the same time!

North Table Mountain

Tomichi Point
Photo by National Parks Service

You will be up close and personal watching the sunset from this mesa in Golden, Colorado.   Surrounded by nature, in the foothills just outside of Denver, you will have the perfect spot to watch the sun set at 6,000 feet. Made of basaltic rock formed by lava flows, Table Mountain sits just above the city of Golden and attracts rock climbers, hikers and various outdoor enthusiasts year round!

Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt
Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt Regency in Denver


Hyatt Regency Hotel
Peaks Lounge

On the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel is a captivating view of the Rocky Mountains and spectacular views of the city. The Peaks Lounge is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while sipping a refreshing cocktail. The drinks are a bit higher priced than usual, however, the experience will be a memorable one. This is a must if you have out of town guests and want to show the beauty of Denver!

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Reservations are recommended to be sure there is an opening for your specific date and time. We are a family owned and operated company.  We want our guests to have personalized attention down to the detail on any tour or camping excursion.  Our family has been in the mountains for over 75 years and are excited to share the mountain experience with you. We love sharing our knowledge of the history of Clear Creek County with you along with the breathtaking scenery!  Book your tour today!

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