It doesn’t matter if you’re new at camping or a seasoned pro at it, it is not uncommon that when the time for your next trip comes. you forget to take care of some key things before heading into the wilderness. Read through this list of camping mistakes so you know what to avoid next time.

Camping Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Not Checking the Weather

Plan Your Meals for Your Next Camping Trip
Plan your meals for your next camping trip

This is a must; however, it doesn’t seem to be up on people’s priority lists for camping. You need to know what the weather’s going to look like in order to know how to prepare for it. It literally takes close to no time at all, and knowing whether you need to bring more water or an extra blanket can make all the difference in the world.

Leaving Your First Aid Kit at Home

A first aid kit is like having insurance. You keep thinking you pay for something you don’t need – until the day you do need it and realize it’s been worth it all along. It might seem like a waste of packing space, but you’ll be glad you brought it with you when an emergency comes up.

No Extra Socks or Shoes

You’re having a great time and suddenly, you decide to walk through a shallow river or accidentally step on a puddle of cold water. Now your feet are wet and just like that, you’re miserable. Once your feet are wet, you let the cold in and it can ruin your trip. Pack some extra socks and shoes, and try to dry the wet ones. Surely, you’ll appreciate being comfortable during your entire trip.

Neglecting to Plan Meals

Meal plans do require a bit of work, so it is tempting to forget about that and just bring whatever food fits in your backpack. After all, it’s just a couple of days, right? No. If you don’t plan your meals properly, you’ll soon realize you’re out of food and you still have to be out there for quite a while. Make a simple meal plan so you get to eat your three meals a day. No one wants to be hungry in the middle of nowhere.

Thinking “Any Place Will Do” When Setting Up Your Tent

Set Up Your Tent in the Right Spot
Take time to set up your tent in the right spot

Turns out, it is important to take some time and look around before you set up your tent. Check the area. You don’t want to end up sleeping on rocks or have dead tree branches hanging over your head.

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