Extreme Hiking Near Denver by Mile Hi!

Colorado is home to some of North America’s best hiking destinations.  In today’s post, Mile Hi gives you the best hiking trails near Denver. We deem the term ‘best’ defined as difficult and arduous for a seasoned outdoor enthusiast. If you are looking for extreme adventure in the Colorado Rockies, look no further!

NPS Photo
Photo Credit: National Parks Service

Barr Trail, Pikes Peak

Known as one of America’s top 10 most dangerous hikes, Barr Trail leads to the summit of Pikes Peak. This trail witnesses a shocking amount of electrical activity. The most recorded lightening strikes have occurred near Pikes Peak. The Barr trail gains 7,400 feet over 13 miles, much of that above treeline. If you plan to hike Barr Trail, do so well before noon. Plan to summit mid-morning, and to be off the mountain by noon.

Manitou Incline Trail

The sign at the entrance of this trail says it all, ‘ Warning: This is an EXTREME trail. Consult with your doctor before adding the Incline to your exercise.’ The Manitou Incline Trail, off Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado Springs, is known as one of the most intense hiking experiences close to Denver. The trail consists of 2,000 steps and 2,000 feet of elevation gain in just over a mile. The trail is a 100 yr old former cable tram route that has more recently been used as training grounds for workout enthusiasts. Once at the top, revel in your achievement and enjoy the view, you deserve it!

National Parks Service
National Parks Service Photo

Longs Peak

Longs Peak is a strenuous hike about 10 miles south of Estes Park. The trailhead begins at an elevation of 9380 feet and will summit at 14,259 feet. William Byers, founder of Rocky Mountain News, made the first successful ascent in 1868. At his first attempt, he stated, ‘ We are quite sure that no living creature, unless it had wings to fly, was ever upon its summit and we believe we run no risk in predicting that no man ever will be, though it is barely possible the ascent can be made.’  The length and amount of elevation gained, the rugged terrain makes for a very long and tiring day.  Perfect for an avid adventurer!

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