How many times have you taken a trip that is so cool you want to capture everything on camera, yet when you decide to take a snapshot, it just doesn’t come out the way you expected it to? It’s frustrating, we know. Sometimes, it just feels like no matter what angle or light you choose for that photograph, it’s never going to look like you want it to.

How to Capture Beautiful Outdoor Photographs

If you love the outdoors, sometimes you wish you could finally get that shot that’s worthy of showing other people and that will make them feel like they were there. Most of the time, the issues are due to common photography problems and here’s how to solve them:

Outdoors Photographs

The Human Eye Always Wins

No matter how great the shot, it’s good that you acknowledge that you and your camera (as fancy as it may be) don’t really see eye to eye. Identifying and understanding your camera’s limitations and the way it actually works is the first step towards better photographs.

Step into the Shade

When the light is too sharp, like during midday when the sun is directly above us, the camera has a really hard time trying to control either the light or dark parts of the photo. Take pictures in the shade, on a cloudy day, or after 3 PM when the light from the sun is not so direct. This way, you can diffuse the light and your photos will look much nicer.

Foreground and Background are Equally Important

Photographs are not flat; they are two-dimensional. There should be a balance between the two and one should not have to compete with the other. Place the camera in such a way that you can frame the subject in the foreground, but you’re still able to appreciate the background. When your subject is too bright, like a flower, try framing it against a dark background so it will stand out.

Better photographs in the outdoors

Add Some Scale

When you’re shooting a landscape, have someone be in the photo from afar. This will give you some scale and allow you to showcase the vastness of the landscape. Just make sure that the person is close enough that they are not lost in the background.

Go Out There and Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? If you’re interested in experiencing the outdoors in Colorado, give us a call and book our Colorado river rafting packages & ATV tours. These would be great for you to start practicing your photography skills.

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