5 Unexpected Lessons We Can Take Away from Spending Time Outdoors

As human beings, we are always looking for ways to evolve and better ourselves. Life teaches us many lessons through our experiences but believe it or not, nature also has incredibly valuable things to teach. Once you place one foot out the door and prepare yourself to go on a mission into the great outdoors, expect to be surprised by the great things you’ll learn.


Nature is all about balance, just like life is. You can’t have sunlight without moonlight. There is no spring without winter, and to see a rainbow, you usually need rain. You can’t get one without the other. Nature teaches us to appreciate both sides. We have to live through the dark days and appreciate them because they’re the reason why we get to enjoy the brighter days that come after.


We are used to taking control of everything or most of the things that happen in our lives. However, we must learn that there are things that are simply out of our control. Life and death, for example, are a natural part of life, which we have no control over.

Nature also teaches us to accept each other. If you think about it, part of the reason why people love nature so much is that it provides an escape, a place where you can breath fresh air without judgment, and it feels good. If we could do the same for others, it would be life-changing.

5 Unexpected Lessons We Can Take Away from Spending Time Outdoors
Nature teaches us invaluable lessons


From wildlife to plants, to bugs and rocks, every part of nature is valuable and has an important role in the ecosystem. Force-changing one tiny thing could throw everything off. The same happens with us. Everyone has unique characteristics and talents, contributing in different ways to our families, jobs, and society. Everyone has inherent value that no one else can replace.


What do you love most about being outdoors? The little rays of sunshine that peak through the horizon when the sun’s coming up? Maybe the cool breeze or the fresh air? The birds singing, the sound of water nearby, or the sound of wind between the branches? It’s all about those little things. We appreciate them because we aren’t always outdoors, so we cherish those moments. We could do the same exercise the other way around. If you were removed from your regular environment — home, office, family— when you’re back, you’d realize how much you missed the little things like being able to sleep in your own bed, a home cooked meal, and taking a warm shower.


When you’re outdoors, it’s hard not to be overcome by a feeling of happiness. Sometimes we feel happiness is based on how much we have, or how much we do with our lives, yet when we’re outdoors with limited access to the things we’re used to, we tend to feel happier and more at peace than ever. Maybe happiness doesn’t have anything to do with material things and has everything to do with enjoying the little things, or those we usually take for granted.


Take time for yourself and head outdoors. Going on an adventure can help change your perspective, in addition to being a great way to create amazing memories.

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