During this time of the year, many of Colorado’s citizens take advantage of the cozy weather of summer’s final days to go for a nice outdoor hike or an outdoor tour.

This is the perfect time of year to spot wildlife in their natural habits. Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across some sweet and tender baby animal. Now, if this happens it is very important to act in a calm and responsible way. First of all, we need to avoid interacting or feeding it and under no circumstance try to play hero and rescue; or adopt a baby animal. It is pretty easy to misread when a young animal has been abandoned or it’s just waiting for it’s parents to arrive.

At Mile Hi Rafting, we have received concerns from our customers and visitors, when they spot a young animal and feel it was abandoned or injured. Therefore, we put together a list of tips and recommendations on how to act, whenever someone finds a baby animal.

Coyote at MesaVerde
Photo by: National Park Service (NPS)

Don’t Play Hero

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife it is very common for adult animals to leave their young in safe places while they go forage for food, this might make us tempted to “help” a young animal by picking it up or trying to feed it. However, if we touch these animals, we are imparting them with a scent their adults will not recognize. This can result in true abandonment of healthy offspring.

If after 24 hours its parents haven’t returned it is possible the newborn was abandoned or the parents are dead. If this is the case, the best thing you can do, is call wildlife experts, so they can take care of the little animal.

Wild Animals are Not Pets

Whenever a person tries to tame a wild animal, whether it is an elk, a bear, or a raccoon—the results are always bad for the animal, and usually bad for the human, as well.

Just because a wild animal might not act aggressively at one given moment, there is no guarantee how it may act at any other given moment, especially as an adult. Animals are pretty strong and heavy and they might not only end up hurting someone, but in most cases these animals are killed after attacking someone or becoming a threat.

Once a wild animal is taken away from its natural habit and fed by humans, it won’t be able to survive by itself anymore therefore, experts won’t be able to take it back to the wilderness.

Enjoy Wildlife in a Responsible Way

We are all part of this planet and its natural environment therefore, we all have the right to enjoy the wilderness, but in a responsible way.

Come visit us at Mile Hi Rafting and enjoy the wilderness is a safe and responsible way, in company of professional and well-prepared guides that will make your trip a memorable time.

Come and enjoy the Rocky Mountains on top of your personal ATV or relax walking through our astonishing hiking trails. Call us today, book your adventure and help us protect Colorado’s wildlife.


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