3 Activities to Enjoy Water That Don’t Involve a Pool

Water activities are among everyone’s favorite. Pools are hard to resist, especially during hot summer days. But what happens when you want to get in the water but there’s no pool around? Luckily, 71% of Earth is made of water, so, not having a pool is not a limitation. Here are some fun water activities you’ll love.


If you’re looking for a laid-back water activity, this is a great option. Calmly paddling across a beautiful lake on a bright summer day sounds like heaven. Doesn’t it? You can share the canoe with family or friends, just breathing in the fresh air, while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings, listen to the water and relax. Of course, there’s some effort involved because of the paddling, but it’s a nice and calm type of workout. Totally, worth it.


You can be as chill or as adventurous as you like on a paddleboard, just by changing the scenario. Paddleboarding can be done on the calm waters of a lake or the spikey waters of the ocean. That is an activity that should make it on your summer bucket list. You can work on your body while you calm your mind on top of a paddleboard.

5 Activities to Enjoy Water That Don't Involve a Pool

Whitewater Rafting

Talk about a challenge! Whitewater rafting is for the lovers of adrenaline. If you’re in for a crazy ride, this is it. There’s a difficulty level for everyone, from class 1 —the easy one— to class 4, for the seasoned pros. Grab your paddle and get ready for an adventure you will not soon forget.


Forget about the pool. There is nothing like natural waters. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day outside or a wild ride, there are water activities to fit everyone’s wants and needs. If you’re looking for the best whitewater rafting trips in Colorado, call Mile Hi Rafting today.


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