It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a bit of a pickle sometimes while spending time outdoors. You don’t always have everything you need handy. Luckily, we found some outdoor survival hacks that give you a hand when you need it the most.

3 Camping and Survival Hacks

But what is a hack exactly? In modern terms, a “hack” is a clever shortcut or an alternative technique to get a job done, and most hacks involve the creative uses of items that are often different from their intended uses.

Source: Outdoor Life

Bra Masks For Dust Heavy Air

If there is too much dust in the air you’re breathing, you can make your own mask to keep you safe. Just cut a bra in half between the cups and follow the instructions:

  • Make a hole in the side of the cup where it was cut in half
  • Pull the straps from that side through the opening you just created
  • Place the cup over your face tightly and tie off the strap.

As shocking as it may be, it turns out that each bra cup is a surprisingly good respirator mask. If you’re a woman or are traveling with one, most likely, there will be one spare bra that could save the day.

Campfire in ColoradoThe Nacho Fire Hack

If you’ve ever been camping and found yourself frustrated because your fire won’t start, knowing this might change your life. Packaged snacks like nachos, or any other type of chip, can make great fire starters because of their texture and fat content. Conveniently enough, a couple of chips could have a positive impact on the fire you’re trying to build.

Mark Your Path

If the breadcrumb trail failed Hansel and Gretel, it’s quite possible it will fail you too. If you want to leave a mark to make it easier to remember the path you’re taking, find some of the burn sticks that might have been left from a fire and put them to go use. They’ll serve as an eco-friendly pencil you can use to write on trees or rocks, and eventually, the weather will fade them away. This hack will also help you leave no trace on the great outdoors.

Nature can be tricky; we just need to be one step ahead and be prepared for the unexpected, whether it’s with tools or knowledge. These fun little tricks could really make a difference for you on your next outdoor adventure.

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