Turning Outdoor Adventures into a Family Culture

Anyone who enjoys and appreciates the outdoors is always eager to share that with others, including their family. Of course, when you love something, there is such special meaning in being able to share that and enjoy it with those you love.

Family members don’t always appreciate the same things. However, there’s one thing that is for sure. Nothing beats the feeling of experiencing nature through an outdoor adventure. It’s not only fun; it comes with great health benefits too. So, how can you promote the love for the outdoors among your family members and turn them into believers? Here are some tips:

Start Slow

You don’t need to climb the Grand Canyon as the first adventure to start building a love for the outdoors. To get kids involved, you can start with the little things. Try camping in your back yard or going on a scavenger hunt in the park. Even those small adventures can be incredibly meaningful for your kids and help to spark their love for the outdoors.

Father and son hikingDon’t Force It

It can be frustrating to plan a nice outing with your family and have it not work out the way you pictured it in your mind, but it’s ok. If you need to go back home in the middle of things, go back home and try another time. Forcing things will only generate rejection, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

Celebrate Their Victories

It can be hard to go on full explorer mode when you’re not used to it, especially for kids. Encourage them and celebrate the little things. Whether they helped you set up the tent or completed a long hike, don’t forget to show them you are proud of their accomplishments.

Add a Little Fun

Going “hiking” might not sound super exciting for kids, but going “exploring” will most likely get their attention and generate excitement. Turning things into a game will create a positive association, help keep them motivated, and will encourage them to want to do it again in the future.


Colorado is a beautiful place for outdoor family adventures. From simple things like hiking to more exciting ones like white water rafting or ATV riding, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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