As fall leaves us, winter kicks in with its fun snow! And who loves snow the most? Kids, of course! This is the time of the year to take out your snow jacket, get geared up and hit the mountains to for some snow fun. Snow can be enjoyed in many ways. The thrill of riding an ATV gets even more exciting when in snow, being precautious and careful, as always. Remember, snow weather is very unpredictable and strong winds or a snowstorm can occur real quickly. In nice snow days, make sure your kids try out some of these activities or come enjoy with us the fun in the snow at Clear Creek County!

Mile Hi Rafting Company, is a family owned company proud of its home’s history company. Just 30 minutes from Denver, we offer outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions; we help you in planning your camping trip too!

Fun outdoor snow activities to practice this winter

  • Snowshoeing. Hiking lovers love snowshoeing! It’s exactly hiking but in the snow and aided by some bigfoot-like shoes that help you crunching into the snow and getting stuck. There is also the option to use poles to help you even more. You can easily rent snowshoes and even find snowshoes for 2 year-olds.
  • Snow sliding sports. These are most of the times the kid’s favorites! Sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. Snowboarding is more popular among tweens and teens because they have the skills and strength to stay upright. Sledding and skiing can be tried out by smaller ones, as these don’t require much as snowboarding does.
  • Build with snow. Building a snowman is a must every winter. And if you want to get really smart, building a nice solid igloo is quite the feat. It takes some hours, and using a shovel is smart idea, for sure. Once it’s done, there is no satisfaction like sitting inside your very own igloo!
  • Playing in the snow. Feeling the snow in your back while you flap your arms and legs to make a snow angel is one of the bets feelings ever! Children love snow and they love to be in contact with it. And if contact is what they want, a good old snow-ball fight is another must!
  • Frozen lake fun. And let’s not forget that along with snow we have ice! Ice-skating is probably one of the most fun and entertaining outdoor activities. It might be a little tricky for newcomers, but once they get a hang of it, it might become addictive. Ice-fishing is another fun activity for ice lakes, just make sure the ice is think enough and that there are always adults checking on little ones when in the ice.

Safety and family

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