Have you always considered yourself an indoor wedding type of person? Nature is so amazing, it can be a wonderful wedding venue, too. Don’t you want to know about the perks of an outdoor wedding?

5 Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding can be really overwhelming. A lot of details are involved, but choosing the right venue is possibly the most important wedding planning decision. It’s true, an indoor wedding has its benefits, but there’s nothing quite like spending the most important day of your life surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are some of the benefits of an outdoor wedding that could help you make a decision.

Natural Lighting Will Make for Beautiful Photos

Natural lighting gives your photographer the opportunity to shoot in different types of light as the day goes by. You can get really hard light on a sunny day and really soft light on a cloudy day. Natural light gives your photos a magical, airy quality that you can’t get from shooting with artificial light.

Benefits of outdoor weddings

A Naturally Breathtaking Backdrop

Think about it: a beautiful landscape surrounding you on your wedding day. You could choose the mountains, the woods, or anywhere in the great outdoors, and you still couldn’t go wrong. It could easily be the perfect backdrop for such a crucial day.

It Can Be As Fancy or Casual As You Like

An outdoor wedding offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to defining the ambiance you want to create. You could take things in any direction you’d like, from traditional and laid-back, formal or casual, to a more freestyle kind of wedding like a BBQ. Let your creativity flow!

You Can Fit More Guests

Being outdoors means you’ll have more space to fit more people. Outdoor venues usually accommodate a larger audience, which is perfect because you’ll also get the feeling of freedom that only the outdoors can offer.

Colorado Outdoor WeddingsCould Save You Money

A natural setting for your wedding will offer a beauty that a fancy indoor wedding venue can’t offer, which is why an outdoor wedding could work well with a smaller budget. You won’t need over-the-top decorations to make things beautiful. Organic-styled decor looks wonderful in outdoor settings, and you could even do them yourself. You can keep things simple but still have a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

Turn Your Wedding Into a Colorado Fairy Tale

Looking for a wedding venue surrounded by the beautiful nature of Colorado? We’ve got you covered! At Mile Hi Rafting, our Adventure Center is open all year round for any occasion, including your “I Do” day. Let’s talk and start planning your wedding today.

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