Garden of the GODs NPS website
Garden of the GODs NPS website

Mile Hi Explores Garden of the Gods as Top Destination in Colorado!

Mile Hi Rafting has been revealing the top 7 outdoor destinations of Colorado in our Seven Wonders of Colorado Series.  Garden of the Gods is our destination for today.  Only a little over an hour from Denver in Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods provides adventure and beauty for the outdoor enthusiast.  Just as Mile Hi provides adventurers with ATV, white water rafting and camping excursions, the Garden of the Gods provides outdoor junkies with alternate sports.  Sports such as rock climbing, hiking, Segway tours, horseback riding and biking are all offered at the Garden of the Gods.

History of the Park

In 1871, Colorado Springs was founded by General William Jackson Palmer while he was extending the railroad lines of his Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  In 1879, General Palmer urged his friend, Charles Elliot Perkins to make his home in the Garden of the Gods and to build his own railroad from Chicago to Colorado Springs.  Unfortunately the railroad never made it to Colorado Springs, however, Perkins purchased 240 acres in the garden and built a summer home.  Perkins died before he could make the park public.  In 1909, Perkins children, knowing their father’s heart gave the property to the City of Colorado Springs making it public property.

Park Map

A Beer Garden for the Gods?

In August of 1859, two surveyors were exploring nearby locations and came upon the beautiful sandstone formations.  One surveyor suggested this place would be a ‘capital place for a beer garden’.  His companion, a young and poetic gentleman exclaimed, ‘Beer Garden!  Why it is a fit place for the gods to assemble.  We will call it the Garden of the Gods.’  The name has remained since.

Photo by Arthur M.
Photo by Arthur M.

What To Do at Garden of the Gods

Aside from the soaring 300 foot sandstone towering over your head, the park offers activities and education that will fill your day and your brain.  You can discover how giant red rock formations were formed and even how to ‘read the rocks’.  For children, there is a guided tour including a media presentation, and a hands on activity!

Garden of the Gods by Mariusz Zielezny
Photo by Mariusz Zielezny
Garden of the Gods by MZ
Photo by Mariusz Zielezny

For More Adventure and History, Come For an ATV Tour with Mile Hi!

Mile Hi Rafting offers professionally guided white water rafting and ATV tours.  We provide all the gear- wet suits, splash jackets, PFD, helmets and ATV’s.  We have trips for any ability and adventure level!  Our pricing and location make it ideal for day trips and vacations.  Kids are always welcome on any of our trips!  We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience.  Call us today to create your own historical tour through Clear Creek County!

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