No one can deny that spending time outdoors brings a feeling of joy and fulfillment that, sometimes, we can’t even explain. Let’s take a look at how the Great Outdoors impacts our mental and physical well-being.

Why You Should Spend More Time Outside

Science has done its part in identifying some of the advantages of going out into nature.

Outdoor Activity Boosts Well-Being

Boosts Creative Thinking

Research shows that nature has the ability to help restore memory and attention. One study concluded that people who were in constant touch with nature for four days showed an improvement of 50% on a creative problem-solving test.

Enhanced Mental Health

Plenty of times before, we have heard that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, and so does exercising.

“Every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood,” found an analysis of ten earlier studies about so-called “green exercise,” and “the mentally ill had one of the greatest self-esteem improvements.” The presence of water made the positive effects even stronger.


Gives the Immune System a Kick

Research suggests that forest environments have a positive impact on our immune system. However, experts agree that there’s still more research to be done on this topic to understand why this happens.

Outdoor Activity Decreased Risk for Myopia in Children

Decreased Risk of Myopia in Children

Several studies have found that when children engage in outdoor activity often, it protects the eyes from developing nearsightedness or myopia. They study also contemplated children that spent a lot of time playing indoors, but they did not show signs of reduced risk of myopia.

Keeps Levels of Inflammation in Check

Our bodies use inflammation as a natural response to certain threats. When inflammation goes out of control, it is associated with autoimmune disorders, depression, and cancer, among other ailments. One study shows that the level of inflammation was lower in students who spent time outdoors in the forest when compared to those who didn’t.

Get Out There and Enjoy Nature!

These are only some of the many ways science has found that nature impacts our health. There is no denying that the Great Outdoors holds a key to our well-being. Take advantage of it and explore! Colorado nature is amazing and it’s out there, waiting for you to show up and enjoy it. At Mile Hi Rafting, we are passionate about what nature has to offer and we cannot wait to show you around. We have great packages created for especially for you and your family and friends. Give us a call. You don’t want to miss out on this!

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