Whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have. A few paddling tips and tricks can help you stay on the boat.

Start Paddling Like a Pro with These Tips

Paddling may look simple, but there are certainly some things to keep in mind to do it efficiently and effectively. To perfect your paddling technique, take these tips into account.

Learn How to Sit on the Raft

You would probably never guess it but sitting on the inside of the raft is not going to help with balance, sitting on the outside of the raft, is. The cross-tubes inside the raft can be used to plant your feet. Your front foot can be tucked in under the tube ahead of you and you can lean your back leg on the tube behind you.

Start Paddling Like a Pro with These TipsGrip the Paddle by the T

If you’ve seen a paddle before, you’ve noticed it has a T-shaped grip. Wrap your hand —the hand that’s furthest from the water— around the grip. The T-shape grip will allow you to lock the paddle with your thumb, too. Grab the paddle with the other hand along the paddle shaft.

Paddle with Your Whole Body

The upper body is usually weaker than the rest of the body, which is why letting your arms do all the work is not the best idea.  Use your full body instead to lean forward, dipping the paddle into the water in a straight motion, then leaning back with your whole body to pull.

Paddle Hard

There are 3 main points of balance. Your feet, your seat, and your paddle. Pushing hard against the water with your whole body will give you more stability.


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