4 Tips to Improve Your Paddling Technique

Raise your hand if you agree that whitewater rafting is a super exciting adventure! 🙌 It may look simple, but one of the things that can help your trip be safer, more exciting, and even better as a workout, is the way you paddle. Paddling without proper technique ends up wearing you out sooner than you expect. These tips will help you improve your technique, so you can paddle efficiently and look like an expert.

Adopt the Proper Sitting Position

You could just sit on the raft. You’d probably never guess that sitting on the inside of the raft can cause some balance issues. To sit correctly, you should sit on the outside of the raft, which will help with the balance and allows your legs to spread and find the correct placing at any given moment.

Whitewater raftingHold on Tight to the Paddle By the T

T-shaped grip jumps out at you as soon as you take a look at a paddle. Wrap your hand around it with confidence. That will allow you to lock the paddle with your thumbs. Both hands should be on the paddle during your trip.

Put Your Body into It

Fact: the lower body tends to be much stronger than the upper body. That is a good enough reason not to allow your upper body to do all the work. Lean forward with your whole body. Then, dip the paddle into the water in a straight motion, and lean back all the way to pull. This way, you will distribute the effort needed throughout different muscle groups rather than overloading your upper body.

Paddle With Good Strength

Did you know your feet, seat, and paddle are the main points of balance on the raft? To become more stable, you should push hard against the water, and again, put your whole body into it.


Plan your rafting trip and come paddle hard with us! It will be an adventure you will never forget!

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