What better way to enjoy a camping or vacation adventure than to go fishing with the whole family? Clear Creek County offers many easy access lakes for a relaxing one-day fishing trip; or, backcountry lakes that require 4-wheel drive vehicles and more exciting and long hikes to get there. Whether you’re a first-timer trying to get some dinner for your camp or you’re an all-time expert, you can count on Clear Creek County to find the fishing experience you need!

Mile Hi Rafting Company is a locally family owned and operated company in Clear Creek County, just 30 minutes from Denver. We’re much more than just rafting, we can help you plan your dream fishing trip!

Fishing on a Canoe

Kid Fishing

Lake Fishing: Easy access, just drive up there!

There are several lakes in Clear Creek County that offer all commodities for families that want to experience the thrill of catching a fish. You may find restrooms, picnic grounds, shelters, grills, camping areas, trailheads for hiking, and even wheel-chair access. All of this at the hand of an easy and comfortable ride in your car. Try visiting Georgetown Lake, Echo Lake, Clear Lake or Summit Lake to enjoy an unforgettable and very convenient fishing trip.

Backcountry Fishing: For the experienced and solitude seeking ones…

Ranging from easy to difficult, these lakes require a hike to get there. Prepare to camp for a night or two, and be sure to bring all your equipment as these spots offer great sources to catch some of the trout varieties found in Clear Creek County: Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brown and Brook. For and easy to moderate hike, visit Chicago Lakes, Silver Dollar Lake and Hassel Lake. If you’re looking for a little more seclusion, along with a more difficult hike, your place is Lincoln Lake.

Make sure to ask at the local fishing shops for tips and advice, as they surely know where is biting! Don’t forget your fishing license.



Mile Hi Rafting’s convenient location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations.  Whether you are heading out for your day of adventure or coming back from one-stop by for an ATV tour to finish your day.  Come see us for your next adventure!

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